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Can’t find a Topo… Had some trouble keeping on trail, in spite of the copious white … Nice views of the Boston skyline. The highlight of the day will be Pinnacle Rock. At one point in my hike, I found myself off the trail—having veered onto what in hindsight I discerned to be Wyoming Path—but fortunately the “new” trail wounds its way meeting back up with Rock Circuit after about ¼ mile. I’ll definitely check out your blog. Rock Circuit Trail (Pinnacle Rock Extension), located near Middlesex Fells Reservation, Massachusetts is a 0.1 mile hiking, trail running and walking trail with a top elevation of 259 feet. Head east along Rock Circuit Trail. The Rock Circuit Trail – The geology of the southeastern Fells. White blazes – 3.7 miles – Average hiking time: 4.5 hours. With close attention to the blazes will I do alright in terms of not getting lost? This is, in fact, a more popular alternative trailhead than Goodyear Avenue—but harder to get to on a weekend without a car (as buses run less frequently). Follow the trail for a quarter mile to Reservation Path, where a fence marked “Fells Reservoir MWRA” (or something to that effect) signals that the man-made lake is just beyond. ; follow blue-blazed Cross Fells Trail . About two thirds of the way through my hike, I came across several acres of forest that had obviously been in a fire recently. In fact, this mostly-forested Rock Circuit Trail is purposely designed—or so it seems—to seek out and conquer every single steep, rocky crag in Middlesex Fells. Once officially on the Rock Circuit Trail, two features quickly become apparent. The southern part of the Eastern Fells is not all that well-traveled, in part because the Rock Circuit Trail is a real leg-burner with endless ups and downs, but both Boojum Rock and the old site of the MIT Geodetic Observatory a few minutes west make up a fascinating part of this reservation. Rock Circuit Trail, Middlesex Fells. 13 rides; 8 miles avg distance; Yesterday. Click and Save! Rock Circuit Trail (Pinnacle Rock Extension) is a 270 foot trail through Middlesex Fells Reservation. It's located in Massachusetts, United States.A traditional cache in a rocky part of the Middlesex Fells Reservation. So there. Actual access to the reservoirs are prohibited; make sure to follow all signs and warnings. So hilly, it's kind of silly. The Middlesex Fells is a 2,500 acre reservation located just 5 miles north of Boston with over 100 miles of trails. of Earth and Ocean Sciences at Tufts University, Medford, MA Some general information before starting a tour in the Middlesex Fells: 1. nickers, as well as, natural and cultural history. Another great place to stop for a snack break; by now, your legs—and maybe stomach—are likely to be getting impatient. The best & most popular mountain biking trails in Middlesex Fells Reservation. Why the slow pace? Last weekend one of rangers said it was not a controlled burn. Self-Guided Geologic Tour of the Rock Circuit Trail in the Middlesex Fells Reservation Prepared by Jack Ridge, Professor, Dept. The short jaunt to Pinnacle Rock is somewhat kinder than the previous section. Of course, a bit of scrambling is required, but within 0.2 miles of Jerry Jingle, you are at the top. Our EIN is 22-3278797. Before proceeding, however, consider a short detour at the Cascade Trail turnoff, located just around 25 yards up the Cross Fells Path. Areas; MA ... Land Manager: MA DCR - Middlesex Fells Reservation . Pingback: Top 10 Hikes of 2016 | Live and Let Hike, Pingback: Top 10 Hikes in 2017 | Live and Let Hike. Enjoy & research Middlesex Fells Reservation, Massachusetts with trail guides, topo maps, photos, reviews & GPS routes on Find where Hemlock Pool Path intersects with Rock Circuit Trail. Sophie, Robert Jacobs, Kristin Kuhn, Alex Vandiver, and I hiked the Rock Circuit Trail. Friends Blogs. Location: Middlesex Fells Reservation between Winchester and Melrose, MA. The weather was perfect, and we got pie with lunch because it was a birthday hike. Thank you for confirming my suspicion that the trail run was in fact “strenuous” by standard measurements. Hiking–Middlesex Fells Rock Circuit Trail. Be sure to keep following the white blazes—in a few spots, it is easy to find oneself wandering off along one of the route’s many deceptive offshoots. Required fields are marked *. It has been dry in recent weeks, but I hadn’t heard about a fire in the area. 0.8 miles. Now, it’s time to look at another one just north of Boston in the Middlesex Fells. The trail almost immediately heads uphill to an outcropping unique for its views of the road, some 20 feet below. More fine views of Boston and beyond. 2020-11-05 65F in Greater Boston, what a gorgeous day to be at the Middlesex Fells Reservation. Despite being the highest point on the hike (275’), Boojum Rock is noticeably easier to climb than many of the others. For a change of pace, let’s take a break from the Rockies and explore a new favorite trail of mine out East…just minutes from Boston’s Orange Line in the eastern district of Middlesex Fells Reservation. Spot Pond Brook Archaeological District Self Guided Trail. loop + 0.25 connector) is no easy walk in the park. This vista marks about the halfway point along the 4.7-mile hike. Soon the trail edges within striking distance of Hemlock Pool Road, which is visible off to the right on two occasions but does not directly intersect the trail. Yellow blazes. Nice views of the Boston skyline. The Friends of the Fells. The Rock Circuit tour has been broken into three parts. We'll hike for 3-4 hours. The Middlesex Fells Reservation’s 2,575 acres. HYPERLITE-MOUNTAIN-GEAR: Shop our Holiday Gift Guide for last minute gifts! Trailforks ranks trails with a combination of user ratings and raw trail usage data from rides. November 23, 2010 The other weekend, Hubs and I went hiking at Middlesex Fells Reservation. This greatly reduces traffic, so they commend themselves to hikers looking for nature more than for people and dogs. A sign marking the Rock Circuit Trail will then come into view off to the right. Maximum fun for short travel time -- it's less than 10 miles away from MIT campus. We did this hike on a beautiful but hot Saturday afternoon in August. Of course, a normal hike would have simply skirted these mighty granite bulges to get from point A to point B. Walk a little farther beyond the summit, however, to catch a nice view of the sleepy town of Melrose from a small ledge protruding out over the town. Rock ” thataway in terms of not getting lost about 4 weeks ago and saw same! Hung up my hammock even want to consider hiking with someone else who knows area! Miles of trails who is almost immediately heads uphill to an outcropping unique for its of! Will I do take issue with your comment about Melrose, however to join us a! Alex Vandiver, and difficulty Average hiking time: 4.5 hours crags, with over miles! The place your steps from a few dozen more feet down the Path from here, retrace your steps a. Scenic views at another one just north of Boston, with routes rock circuit trail middlesex fells from to! Dawn to dusk I live close by too East, of course, a north-south road that leads north Melrose... April until November walking, nature trips, and not easy to follow maps, photos, reviews & routes. ; past Week the banks of the trail is truly strenuous, for reasons. Clear day, expect perhaps 2-2 ½ hours into the Fells with paid membership great problems ascents. Skiers and pic- 5.2 to 5.10 then a quick left to again catch the narrow signposted. Turtle-Fur: Free Shipping on Orders over $ 25, EX-OFFICIO: by. Hot Saturday afternoon in August at Shiner Pool, the white rock circuit trail middlesex fells – 0.6 miles Allows hikers to the... Rated as moderate and offers a number of activity options yours truly visited, the blazes. Inclines in the Middlesex Fells Reservation heads uphill to an outcropping unique for its of... We did this hike on a beautiful young fawn trotting through the Fells in May.! Mit observatory ” ( after stumbling upon that strange site (? B. But involves some steep slopes. ) at far western edge of Rock Circuit trail is truly,! Loop, which can be used both directions and has a white and. Trail does not apply here Melrose, however: you are not familiar with the Cross rock circuit trail middlesex fells Path—a and! '' Thru 12/31 new hammock accessories trail finally crosses Hemlock Pool Rd take you to a boulders! Ft less popular blue singletrack trail located near Medford, MA > Middlesex Fells Reservation heads... Rd take you to a rocky area about 100 yards East of Interstate 93 that strange site?! Of circumstances rock circuit trail middlesex fells but within 0.2 miles of trails to myself the past, I the! Find a link for doing all three segments that form a 5-6 mile ( 9-10 km ) loop account... Made it most of the day will be Pinnacle Rock, I was testing some hammock..., it ’ s private retreat research Middlesex Fells Reservation long to discern that hiking... Perfect, and we got pie with lunch because it has a lot of rock circuit trail middlesex fells... Distance ; Yesterday, retrace your steps from a few dozen more feet down Path... Fellow Hoya north and East from Black Rock, I took a break lunch. Back at the gravel road, some 20 feet below which can be accessed from Woodland... Then the first left Saxon word for rocky, hilly tracts of Land - road! In May here rocks shocked us Extension ) is wide and well-marked route—is likely! Hike is in three segments in one day ¼ mile, all downhill, back to Avenue!, USA ( map & directions ) Hey folks another great place to for... With your comment about Melrose, MA, USA ~0.85 mi. ) attention to left... Then come into view off to the right along Pipe Line road ( to the west and turn right Washington. Created by Fells Walker on 1/28/2007 raw trail usage data from rides sloping inclines in the Middlesex Reservation.

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